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Are todays men ready for todays women?

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It would not be incorrect to suggest that one of the frequently used words in recent times is ‘Feminism’. It feels like suddenly, women just got their tongues untied and would readily tell anyone who cares to listen about their personal feminist opinions and movement. Social media platforms have made views to be shared faster and farther than anyone could ever have imagined, thanks to Facebook live videos, Instagram instant messages, and Snapchats, you can instantly have a quick rant as soon as you feel like something isn’t going quite right, either for yourself or for a fellow female around you.

According to Wikipedia, Feminism refers to the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Acclaimed vocal feminists like Chimamanda Adichie haven’t stopped campaigning, especially on international platforms on why women should be treated equally as men in terms of jobs, pay etc. And truth be told, women have done well for themselves in these past years. With Theresa May already in power as the British Prime Minister, if Hilary Clinton had nailed that much-coveted POTUS role, it would have been the best icing on the cake. Nevertheless, I think women in various categories are really knocking out those glass ceilings. Though, I must also admit that some of the feminist ideas could easily come across as being forceful or overly irrational, either because they are not being carefully expressed or the change that is being craved for is expected now rather than later.

However, my main concern here is on whether the male counterparts are indeed ready for this feminist success trend. Let’s begin by viewing this situation from the standpoint of the corporate world, men and women are nearly equally dominating certain industries/sectors that may have been mainly male dominated back in the past ten years. I have met more female doctors than what it used to be when I was younger; also, more women are now in very geeky sounding occupations such as rocket sciences, geophysics, and aeronautics. These suggest that women are gradually working and pushing to earn as much as men in nearly all sectors.

From the male point of view, this situation puts more pressure on men to really be ‘the man’ in the family. Literally, being able to earn enough, make a decent living and provide better amenities for their spouses and children. There is also the fear that if they earn less than their wives, they perceive themselves as commanding less of the respect that they deserve. On effect, men are seen to negotiate even more for a higher wage, which at the end of the day contributes to the already growing gender pay gap.

The counter effect of this for men is that they now have the option to choose whether they desire a wife who aspires to be a full-time income earner, contributing hugely to the family financial expenditure or a full-time stay at home wife/ mother. Either way, women remain strong forces behind every successful family. However, the majority of the 21st-century men I have chatted with are definitely making the choice of having a financially contributing wife. This is absolutely fine, except that these men seem to still expect the full time working, income earning wife to still do the full-time housewife household chores. This then makes me wonder whether today’s men are really ready for the modern day women.

I really wish to be understood correctly here, women would remain the primary homemakers but nothing stops a man from helping out with the house chores. It is also not a sign of disrespect or insubordination if you are asked by your wife to help out. A lot of marital fights and bickering would be nonexistence if we ameliorate the idea of ‘a woman place is in the kitchen’ mentality. It is just unfair if both couples have worked hard all day but the expectation is that the woman then resumes her duty on the household chores. Truth is – a man is easily loved, pampered and respected by a woman who has been loved, assisted and commended.