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A letter to my future husband…


Dear Future Husband,

I will wait for you and I will know you, because

When you speak, I will be reminded of Solomon’s wisdom

Your ability to lead will remind me of Moses

Your faith will remind me of Abraham

Your inspiration will strike me as that of Paul

Your confidence in Gods word will remind me of Daniel

Your attention to detail will look like that of Noah

Your integrity will remind me of Joseph

Your heart for God will remind me of David

Your ability to abandon your home will remind me of the disciples

But your ability to love me selflessly and unconditionally will remind me of Jesus


And you will know me and will find me

Where the boldness of Esther

Meets the warm closeness of Ruth

With the hospitality of Lydia

Is in line with the submission of Mary

Which is engulfed with the tears of a praying Hannah

I will be the one drenched in Proverbs 31

I will be waiting for you


Culled from PassionSMovement